What is the correct way to use scented candles

When an aromatherapy candle burns, heat is emitted from the wick and it usually takes some time for the periphery of the candle to reach the ignition point.If the candle is suddenly extinguished, the heat will not be enough to reach the periphery, but will melt the middle part of the candle, over time, in the incense candle in the 'tunnel' like pit."Tunnel phenomenon" will affect the normal service life of scented candles, want to avoid the "tunnel phenomenon", it is best to ensure that the first burning at least 2 hours, so that the heat can fully reach the candle periphery.If you already have a 'tunnel' of scented candles in your home, cut the outer candle above the middle and fill it around the wick.

Candle smoke is produced when you light a scented candle because the wick is too long or the candle is placed where the wind is too strong.A long wick leads to incomplete combustion, which is the biggest cause of candle smoke.Accordingly, think not to suffer its harm when lighting, the cleverest method is to let candlestick often maintain the distance of about 5mm above wax surface.

Unlike the candle smoke produced by burning the scented candle, the candle smoke produced by extinguishing the scented candle is caused by the 'extinguishing' method we use.Are we used to blowing out scented candles by mouth?In fact, this method is the most undesirable, not only will produce a large number of acrid candle smoke, but also cause harm to the human body.The correct practice is to use scented candle covers or candle scissors.When you don't have these props in your home, you can use wax to cover the wick and put out the fire.