Scent Heat Eco Candle Natural Soy Wax Glass Jar In Lamp

Item Number : SCG87

The Products includes 12 candles, 12 café white frosted holders, rechargeable with battery charging 220V.

  • Color: White
  • LED Color: Amber(yellow light)
  • Shape:: Tea light
  • Material: ABS, Glass
  • Battery:
  • Features: Rechargeable, It is around charged 6-8hours, can be on around 8-10 hours (still with light).
  • Use:
  • Product Weight:
  • Product Size: 3.8*5.7cm, 5*12cm(Holders),28.5*9.6*2cm(Base)
  • Package: Includes 12 candles, 12 Café White Frosted Glass Holders, battery charging 220V
  • Package Size: 56*36*37cm
  • Certification: CE, Rohs

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